joi, 23 iunie 2011

Item 174_SOLD

BLUE SAND model jacket _made in Italy
40% wool, 30% acrylic 10% polyester.
Lined total.
Size: Shoulder 42 cm, bust 98 cm, height 82 cm, opens lower on the hip 114 cm and more than two folds allows vith back that gives the otherwise hidden and elegant jacket.
Total length 65 cm.
Oblique pockets left / right.
Talia is marked by a cord.
Collar can be worn up or down two buttons closed.
Appearance and exceptional condition.
Recommended size: 38/40 EU  and  10/12 UK
$ 45

 Sold to expo
Vintage lace dress very fine cotton, embroidery broken, mechanically executed.
MistyRose real color.
Fronsata easy sleeve to bottom, raglan cut.
Easy opening at the neck, waist is a nice corner marked "V" beauty and elegance of this dress ends with a large flared.
Close the side with staples.
Size: Shoulder 40cm, Bust 98 cm allows maximum size 78 cm.
Measured d ela shoulder length 112 cm.
Lining of the dress is not _ it can take over a dessu white, rose, bleau or depending on accessories.

Recommended size: 38 , 40 EU corresponding size:( USA 8/10) and (10/12)UK
_ Condition as new
50 $

_ Hand Made Belt Accessory
_ Hand Made Earrings

miercuri, 22 iunie 2011

Item 173_Sold

An excellent accessory for pants or legens.
Model according to the label material made ​​of silk brocade hard.
Bust and back excellent as ornaments suited to making this material backed outfit not go unnoticed.
Bust and back is decorated beautifully harmonized and transparent beads, silver beads and large cream mate.
Like material lined with silky satin vascosa
Dimensions measured: shoulder 40cm, bust is close and allows up to 112 cm, length 76 cm, sleeves 22 cm.
Recommended Size 44 EU 12 Uk
Excellent condition.

$ 25
Item 172

QUASI_original model looking crepe skirt, lined total.
Simply cut the "A" and the final part is slightly flared.
Base materials: 86% linnen 14% polyamide.
Lining 100% acetate.
Dimensions measured: waist 80 cm, hip 108 cm, length 62 cm.
Label size UK 42 EU 12
Condition as new
$ 25_Sold

Blouse synthetic veil from Gerry Weber Taifun model material polyester label.
Floral and very special.
Anchior "V" on the bust but beautiful fine elestic fronsata the front and rear.
Raglan cut sleeve having fallen slightly.
Dimensions measured: Bust 104 cm (but because of cut allows ease), length 64 cm, opening on the balance of 122 cm.
EU label size 42, GB 12 Aus 12
Condition as new.

joi, 9 iunie 2011

Item 171_SOLD

Exceptionally unique coat made ​​hand made ​​in Romania.
They made ​​five different models for export to the 
People's House Roman art in 1978.
Applications are made ​​crafts hand made ​​in 100% natural wool 
material lined with satin gloss.
Dimensions: Back shoulders 40 cm, 100 cm bust,  
hip 112 cm, length 110 cm, sleeve 56 cm, slightly arched body.
Recommended Size 10 _ 40 EU). 

Condition new


luni, 6 iunie 2011

Item 170

Exceptional vintage wedding dress
taffeta, lace, taffeta lined with floral ornaments made ​​hand made​​.
Bust up to 114 cm, height 104 cm, length 148 cm.
Excellent Condition.

200 $