joi, 23 iunie 2011

 Sold to expo
Vintage lace dress very fine cotton, embroidery broken, mechanically executed.
MistyRose real color.
Fronsata easy sleeve to bottom, raglan cut.
Easy opening at the neck, waist is a nice corner marked "V" beauty and elegance of this dress ends with a large flared.
Close the side with staples.
Size: Shoulder 40cm, Bust 98 cm allows maximum size 78 cm.
Measured d ela shoulder length 112 cm.
Lining of the dress is not _ it can take over a dessu white, rose, bleau or depending on accessories.

Recommended size: 38 , 40 EU corresponding size:( USA 8/10) and (10/12)UK
_ Condition as new
50 $

_ Hand Made Belt Accessory
_ Hand Made Earrings

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