duminică, 23 mai 2010

Foto 130

Pants for special occasions.

Model Rinascimento_ original.

Glossy cotton backing material.
Size: Waist up to 76 cm semijoasa, hip 108 cm

104 cm length.

fits size 40/42 (EU) maximum.

_ Excellent Condition like new.


Blouse original model (own creation) created for this pair of trousers.

Dimensions: 88 cm bust, sleeve 44 cm, length 44.

Flawless skin.


Foto 128

Authentic vintage dress occasion.
Area about 55 years.

Made of plastic coated in the final.

Long zipper in the back, sleeves and ruffles at the bust

Dimensions: 102 cm bust, waist 82 cm,

cordomn provided with broad, universal solder

144 cm length.

Look very beautiful due to imprint.



Item  127

Extremely thin veil taffeta backing.

Original vintage model.

More details are shown in photo.

Sizes: 100 cm bust, waist up to 80 cm, hip

Universal, length 144 cm.

Bolerou ample capacity style that creates a note

The elegant and  romantic dress.

Cleavage in "V" long back zipper
up to the waist.



duminică, 16 mai 2010

Foto 126

Cotton lace dress lined with synthetic taffeta,

equipped with a small train at back.

Closes back  with long zipper and  botton.

Size: Shoulder 38 cm, 96 cm bust, waist up to 84 cm

the short 100 cm (the cut) then the model begins

slightly flared.

Sleeve 58 cm, total length 124 cm from shoulder.

 Excellent Condition